Heart to Heart offers comforting, compassionate care to individuals at the end of life and to those whose lives have been affected by catastrophic illness and trauma. Our mission is rooted in a commitment to ease their suffering and comfort those who care for them.



We envision communities where sacred, compassionate care is available to all whose soul yearns for a touch of kindness and caring.




Heart to Heart recognizes the inherent worth of every individual and values the importance of their life. We engage in all our relationships with respect, acknowledging that every life matters.  Our mission is rooted in a commitment to ease their suffering and comfort those who care for them.



A leader in teaching mindful care Heart to Heart strives to reach the highest ethical and professional standards that are set forth in our Code of Ethics, promoting honesty and transparency and only pursue initiatives that reflect our mission and vision.


 “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” Albert Schweitzer. Heart to Heart believes that giving freely to those most in need creates a better community for all.


Heart to Heart acknowledges that our mission is built on the shoulders of our volunteers and donors. We are committed to responsible, efficient management of all our resources and show our appreciation through recognition and the wise use of their gifts. We strive to foster long-term relationships and uphold the trust that is placed with us to stay true to our mission.  


Recognizing the need for understanding the importance of compassion, Heart to Heart reaches out to individuals who serve those most in need of mindful care. Seeking to bring us closer together as a community through compassion for one another, we teach a deeper understanding of compassion to enhance our ability to care for one another.

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Phone: 423.718.8925              Email: hearttoheartnonprofit@gmail.com

Each dollar you give helps Heart to Heart bring a moment of peace to a life ravaged by disease and trauma.   


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