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“We become traumatized when our ability to respond to a perceived threat is in some way overwhelmed”-Peter Levine



Working with Trauma:

An Esalen® Massage Approach

with Robin Fann-Costanzo, LMBT, RYT500


Today huge advancements are being made in the field of trauma awareness and how to effectively work with the trauma response.  Robin brings 26 years of experience in working with trauma in the body. 


Trauma shows itself in a variety of ways, such as pain, illness, mood swings, and insomnia, along with a host of other potential symptoms. These symptoms can keep affect the quality of peoples lives.  When we learn to hold space effectively for these clients, we can support them in their healing process, and offer them practical tools for increasing their ability to receive touch and learning to relax, thereby decreasing many of their symptoms.  


The Esalen massage practice, with it’s long slow flowing strokes, pauses, and high quality presence, lends itself well to working with clients who are experiencing symptoms from trauma.  Through lecture, demonstration, and practice you will learn to identify and work sensitively with a client having a trauma response.  You will learn:


  • Specific and simple techniques for to help direct your client from "fight or flight" mode, to relaxation

  • What is PTSD and how to recognize a client suffering from PTSD

  • How to make your practice "trauma sensitive," giving you the tools for reaching a wider audience

  • Tools to help you, as the practitioner keep from getting triggered by your client's trauma, and what to do if you do get triggered

  • Simple and effective hands on techniques that allow you work with your clients where they are at

  • How to work with clients that have a difficult time being touched


Saturday  9:00-1:00 class

                1:00-2:00 lunch

                2:00-6:00 class

Sunday    9:00-1:00 class

                1:00-2:00 lunch

                2:00-6:00 class

NCBTMB approved CE hours: 16



Hospice of Chattanooga

4411 Oakwood Dr.

Building 1

Chattanooga, TN


Cost: $320

Payment due upon registration.



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