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Service Partners

Heart to Heart collaborates with local organizations to enable us to reach more of those in our community who can benefit from comforting, compassionate care. These collaborations are crucial to the success of our Mission. We are grateful for their support.


Contact us for more information on a partnership that can help bring comforting moments of peace and respite to those you serve.


Supporting Partners


The financial contributions of our supporting partners make possible the training that provides our volunteers the skills and knowledge needed to work with individuals whose lives are compromised by trauma or catastrophic illness.

As a Supporting Partner you become part of our mission to ease the suffering of those in our community most in need of compassionate care: the dying, the homeless, the battered woman and child, the traumatized veteran. Contact us for more information.

Each $300 contribution trains one volunteer who commits 48 hours of service to those in need.

Professional Partners


The financial support of the following massage establishments promotes the valuable and sacred gift of touch by helping Heart to Heart provide scholarships to Licensed Massage Therapists for training that is specific to the needs of those we serve. We value their support and commitment to the profession of massage therapy. Please show them your gratitude by checking out their services.              


Charlotte Cramer

C.A.S. Massage

Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Lymphatic Therapist in Chattanooga TN

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